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We're a crew of extraordinary individuals who are passionate about technology and creating innovations that improve the lives of employees

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Our founders embarked on a mission to augment businesses with AI for the better and create a culture where employees are passionate, engaged and happy. Our values-driven approach is fundamental in how we've been able to create such an enjoyable workplace.

Our values inspire who we are

Guided by our culture of diversity, trust, innovation, and customer success, Delpha is a family of unique contributors who are all integral to the growth of the company and pivotal for our customers’ successes.

women in tech


check We don't discriminate

check We embrace each other's different backgrounds, experiences and talents

check We make cultural differences a resource for learning


check-2  We foster mutual trust between team members

check-2  All of us enjoy a culture of honest, psychological safety and mutual respect

check-2  Our company is transparent, information is shared broadly and excellence is recognized



check-3  We foster a culture of innovation

check-3  We encourage experimentation and promote a fail fast mindset

check-3  Innovative behavior is recognized openly and rewarded generously

Customer Success

check-4  Everyone is responsible for customer satisfaction

check-4  Our customer's interests and needs take priority

check-4  We are working towards the same goal of maximizing the customer experience 

happy employee

And there's great benefits

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  • A competitive salary package
  • Work from home 2 days a week
  • Daily meal vouchers with Swile
  • Unlimited Nespresso coffee
  • Annual end of year bonus with Swile
  • Worldwide access to thousands of fitness, wellness, beauty an online classes with ClassPass
  • Alan health insurance (60% covered by Delpha for employees and their children)
  • Office space at Station F, access to affordable housing, 30% discount for restaurants at La Felicita
  • Monthly events, drinks and team yoga sessions
  • Annual Kickoff

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